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How Does a Matchmaking Service Work?

How Does a Matchmaking Service Work?

Matchmaking or using a matchmaking service is different from traditional dating in that you rely on someone else to find you a partner.  How a matchmaker goes about finding you a date is where matchmaking services differ.  Why would work with a matchmaker?  Some people don’t have the time and in other cases you aren’t sure how to meet someone.  Let’s take a look at how matchmaking services work and whether they are for you.

Getting to Know You

A professional matchmaker is going to sit down and talk with you to learn more about you.  They want to know what type of person that you are along with your likes and dislikes.  They are going to ask you about things your career goals, relationship history, education, accomplishments and even your financial situation.  They aren’t singling you out for interrogation they do this with all of their clients; it helps them to find you a compatible match.

Finding a Match

After the initial interview they matchmaker will turn their efforts to finding you someone that has the qualities that you want and shares the same values and goals.  They may meet with both of you again to see if this is going to be a good fit.  From here they will set up a date where you get to know your potential match.

Going on a Date

Once a match has been found for you then it is time to go on a date.  In some cases the matchmaker will go with you to facilitate a conversation and help you get to know each other.  Other matchmakers will just book a dinner reservation for you and let you get to know each other on your own.  It will always be in a neutral setting where both of you can relax and there is no pressure.

After the Date

After you have been on your first date the matchmaker will book an appointment with each of you separately to discuss how the date went and if you want to pursue things further.  They will ask if want to see that person again for a second date or want to meet someone new.  Both parties have to agree to a second date before the relationship goes any further.  You also have the option of meeting someone new.

If you are genuinely interested in meeting a long term partner then a match making is a much better option than going on endless dates with people you have nothing in common with.  Give it a try you may just find your match.